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Parents fearing deportation seek custody arrangements

Texas parents who are undocumented immigrants and who think there's a possibility that they might be deported might want to know how to protect their children. Across the country, parents who feel at risk are turning to child custody orders to ensure that their kids will enjoy stable lives.

What to do to get custody of a sibling

A El Paso resident may be concerned about a younger sibling's safety with the biological parents and wonder how to get custody of the sibling. The first step might be for the person to try to talk to the parents and convince them to give up custody of the child. If the parents do not agree, the older sibling must persuade a court that the child is experiencing abuse or neglect and is in danger. Courts are otherwise reluctant to separate children from their biological parents. If the court is convinced, the older sibling may still struggle to prove independence and the ability to care for the child.

Blocking a non-custodial parent's contact with their child

Texas family courts are reluctant to place restrictions on noncustodial divorced parents who want to text, call or FaceTime their children, except in cases in which neglect or abuse may be present. Parents who do not want the other parent to do so should know that without a court order, they are unable to legally block the other parent from communicating with the child.

Child custody modifications in Texas

When a couple divorces or splits up, custody of a child is normally given to one parent, and the child usually lives with this parent. The determination of custody is made with the best interest of the child in mind, and although custody can be changed, it will not be done so unless the change is also made with the child's best interests being the reason for making the change.

Tips for a child custody case

A parent in El Paso who is getting a divorce may also be heading into a child custody battle. If possible, it is best to avoid this. The parent might be unhappy with the judge's decision, and a compromise in which both parents agree to share custody might be better. However, if a court case is unavoidable, there are steps a parent can take that may increase the likelihood that they will win custody.

Co-parenting for the sake of the kids: Is it for your family?

In many divorces, child custody is one of the most contested issues, resulting in costly and litigious court battles. However, this may not be the only choice for your family. If you want more control over what happens to your children, it is time to explore alternatives to a traditional custody arrangement, such as a co-parenting plan. Co-parenting may offer your family the ability to custom-tailor a custody arrangement that protects the best interests of your family.

Reducing conflict during child custody exchanges

El Paso parents who are getting a divorce may find that their conflicts do not end on the day that the divorce is finalized, and custody exchanges may be times when those conflicts come to a head. Whether parents share custody or one parent is the custodial one while the other has visitation rights, they will need to meet up each time the child goes from one household to the other.

Does child support cover these 5 common expenses?

Many parents in Texas may be surprised to learn what child support does and does not cover. Whether you are expecting to receive or pay child support, it is important to plan ahead financially. Although individual cases vary, here is a look at several expenses that may or may not fall under the scope of court-ordered support.

Justin Timberlake divorcing wife of four years

Texas residents may have heard that Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel are reportedly on the verge of ending their marriage of four years over allegations of infidelity on the part of Timberlake. It has also been speculated that Timberlake wants another baby, but that Biel wants to get back into acting, which may be harder if she had another child.


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