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Divorce may be wise when marriages become toxic

Making the decision to end a marriage is rarely easy for couples in Texas and around the country, and even relationships that seem damaged beyond repair may sometimes be salvaged if both spouses remain committed and are willing to compromise. However, when marriages have become toxic and are causing harm, seeking a divorce may be a wise and practical step to take.

Long-term thinking needed for divorce financial decisions

Divorce represents not only the severing of a marital relationship but the end of a shared financial life. Some Texas couples in this situation might be tempted to accept any apparently reasonable terms simply to get the process over with, but they should research the long-term impact of their decisions.

Jobs that require flexible schedules linked to divorce

Married couples in Texas may not realize how much their profession may affect their chances of divorce. A study conducted by FlowingData has revealed that some professions are linked to a higher rate of divorce than others. Positions that involve traveling, transportation and flexible schedules seem to be stronger predictors of divorce. In particular, jobs with flexible schedules such as bartending and casino gaming are at the top of the list of jobs that are most linked to divorce.

Claiming alimony as a tax deduction

In Texas divorce cases, alimony is sometimes a major issue. When couples have been married for long periods of time, the courts may issue alimony orders if there is a disparity in the incomes of the spouses. While spouses may not like being ordered to pay alimony, the payments can be deducted on their tax returns as long as the orders or agreements are drafted correctly.

Money troubles for women after divorce

Divorce can put a strain on finances for any Texas couple, but women could have a tougher time when ending a marriage. Women typically make less than men, and going through a divorce can hurt a woman's income even more. A 2012 report from the U.S. Government Accountability Office found a 41 percent drop on average for a woman's household income after divorce.

The financial aspects of a divorce

Texas couples who decide to get divorced might find that it is an expensive proposition when court fees, lawyers and mediators are included. Many couples, however, forget that it can become even higher, when the years of child and spousal support that might follow are included. This is why couples need to focus on financial planning for post-divorce health when the idea of ending a marriage first takes hold.

Learning more about what divorce can accomplish

Texas residents may have seen people go through divorces on television or may have friends or family members end their marriages. However, that may not truly prepare people for their own divorce and its consequences. It may be a shock to give up property or lose the ability to see a child on a regular basis. The best way to obtain a favorable outcome in a divorce is to understand what it aims to accomplish.

Common misconceptions about divorce

Some El Paso residents who are considering a divorce might believe a number of myths about the process. For example, some might believe that it is easy enough to see how much child support they will be required to pay using a child support calculator. However, there are a number of factors that may be taken into account in determining child support, and legal advice may be required.


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