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Tips to improve your relationship with your co-parent

When spouses are splitting up and custody comes into the picture, one of the issues surrounding that custody is co-parenting the children. Fortunately, there are healthy and productive ways to work this out so that the best interests of the children are met and both parents feel as though they have a voice in the proceedings. By meeting as many realistic needs as possible, the co-parenting agreement provides a strong measure of fairness for the children and for both spouses. This makes that agreement more likely to be followed and clearly understood. 

Empathy is valuable

Practicing empathy is a good life lesson overall, but it's extremely important where children are concerned. While some children handle the divorce of their parents better than others, any child can struggle with it out of concerns that they are somehow at fault. They may also simply miss one parent who is suddenly not around as much, or they may blame one parent for the absence of the other parent. To reduce some of that, have empathy toward what your children are going through, and toward what the other parent may be facing. Animosity generally isn't a productive emotion in co-parenting.

Be open to a flexible schedule

Because you now have to help your children divide their time between one parent and another, it's important that you are open to a schedule that can change. The more flexible you can be the easier it will be for you to co-parent. That doesn't mean letting the other parent take advantage of your good nature, but only that you are willing to make adjustments that are reasonable and necessary when problems or conflicts do arise. There are many ways to be agreeable and still ensure that proper boundaries are set.

Pick your battles

It's very important that you and your ex-spouse communicate when it comes to co-parenting the children. You want to make sure that communication is fair and reasonable, and you want to pick your battles when there is a concern. That can reduce the number of arguments you have, and keep you from going back to court or violating your agreement out of anger.

An attorney can help create a lasting custody agreement that will help both spouses, so you can move forward with your life and still take care of your children in tandem with the other parent. By choosing the services of an experienced attorney who can meet your needs, you will be protecting your own interests and doing the right thing for your children's future.

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