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July 2016 Archives

The role of primary caregiver in child custody disputes

Family law judges in Texas and around the country generally consider two factors very carefully before making decisions dealing with child custody and visitation. The first of these considerations is how to serve the best interests of the children involved. The judge will usually then factor in which of the parents has acted as the child's primary care provider.

Tips for creating a divorce settlement agreement

El Paso residents who have ended their marriages but who remain connected due to children, a shared business or for other reasons likely have a divorce settlement agreement. It is important that an agreement like this is written in a specific and accurate manner and that both parties thoroughly understand its provisions. Otherwise, the wrong phrasing or word in the document could have unintended consequences.

An overview of divorce options

An El Paso couple considering divorce might focus strictly on differences and stresses leading to that point, but it is important to recognize that divorce action can also create significant stresses after filing. Finances can be stretched as a marital home and other mutual assets are considered. Custody issues can also make the action tense. An effort to work through differences to avoid divorce could be beneficial, but if the decision to divorce is firm, it is wise to consider alternatives to litigation.

The marital home in divorce proceedings

Property division may not be the first thing on the minds of El Paso homeowners planning a divorce, but it is important to understand the various issues that can arise. Residential properties are often the last remaining financial ties between divorcees, and the issue becomes even more complicated when it comes to determining who will continue to live in the home. Some couples choose to sell the marital property and divide the proceeds, while others choose to remain together in the same house until the mortgage is paid off.


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