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An overview of divorce options

An El Paso couple considering divorce might focus strictly on differences and stresses leading to that point, but it is important to recognize that divorce action can also create significant stresses after filing. Finances can be stretched as a marital home and other mutual assets are considered. Custody issues can also make the action tense. An effort to work through differences to avoid divorce could be beneficial, but if the decision to divorce is firm, it is wise to consider alternatives to litigation.

Litigation is typically pursued when people facing the end of a marriage are particularly interested in punishing the other party. If they cannot work together to agree to terms, the court will to finalize these matters. However, this can take a long time and cost a lot of money. An uncontested divorce, on the other hand, allows those who are able to resolve their split without extensive acrimony to do so more quickly and with significantly lower legal fees. This can also minimize stress for the couple's children.

Those who need assistance in resolving areas of disagreement might benefit from mediation. In this type of alternative dispute resolution, a neutral third party who may or may not be a lawyer attempts to have the couple reach an agreement on the various issues that have arisen. Each party is entitled to legal representation if they desire.

Because the circumstances leading to and surrounding a divorce are unique for each situation, it can be important to discuss one's priorities with a lawyer prior to deciding to file. A lawyer may be able to recommend for or against certain approaches based on a client's financial and family concerns.

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