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Tips for creating a divorce settlement agreement

El Paso residents who have ended their marriages but who remain connected due to children, a shared business or for other reasons likely have a divorce settlement agreement. It is important that an agreement like this is written in a specific and accurate manner and that both parties thoroughly understand its provisions. Otherwise, the wrong phrasing or word in the document could have unintended consequences.

People should keep in mind that while an attorney may be able to ensure that the document is prepared correctly from a legal standpoint, they are the expert on their relationship with their ex and their own needs. Therefore, they should not hesitate to ask for clarification as needed and to request that aspects that do not suit them be changed. If there is a dispute over the agreement and the matter ends up in court again, the judge's job is in most cases to enforce the document rather than alter it, so understanding what it says may be critical.

In some cases, former spouses may get along well and do favors for one another. If the relationship later cools, they are not obligated to continue doing these favors. Favors do not set a precedent, and when in doubt, it is the divorce settlement agreement and not past favors that will set the stage going forward.

Putting together an effective divorce settlement agreement may be even more difficult if one spouse feels that the other is being deceptive or trying to make the process more difficult in other ways. An attorney might be able to help a client stay focused on the practical rather than the emotional side of the process, and this may result in better decisions for the long term.

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