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August 2016 Archives

Divorce: Peak seasons and reasons

Divorce is a complicated matter. When minor children are involved, it becomes an even more complex issue to handle. This might be a major contributing factor to the fact that the rate of divorce increases during certain times of the year. The months of March and August carry the highest spike in divorce rates. Equally significant are the reasons why couples tend to wait before saying their final goodbyes to their marriages. 

Approaches to handling problems after a divorce

One of the biggest problems that Texas parents face is communicating on issues involving their children. After a divorce, it can be even more difficult for them to be on the same page when they are not even in the same household. However, by learning new approaches to dealing with issues that arise, the parents can minimize the post-divorce conflict.

Child support for gifted athletes

Texas children of divorced parents have expenses that both parents have a duty to pay for. If one parent earns a bigger income than the other parent, the higher-earning parent may have to make child support payments to the lower-earning parent. While most child support orders cover the costs of food, shelter, clothing and other basic living expenses, some allocate extra funds for the needs of a gifted or special needs child.

Diving savings accounts in divorce

The end of a marriage for a Texas couple is a difficult time. In addition to having to process painful emotions, a couple must decide how they plan to divide and manage their finances. This can become particularly challenging if one spouse earns more money than the other.

Deciding to stay or to leave the marital home

When Texas couples decide to divorce, one of the biggest issues with which they might have to contend is how to divide their property. The family home is often the largest single asset that a couple might own. When one spouse is presented with the option of remaining in it, he or she may wonder whether or not doing so is a good choice.

Money matters: Keeping your finances under control in a divorce

Going through a divorce is an emotionally traumatic time for most people. While issues regarding money may take a backseat during the personal turmoil it is important to safeguard your finances during the divorce process. There are several steps anyone considering divorce should take before and during the proceedings. The following are several potential financial challenges that those seeking a divorce should keep in mind. 

Divorce rates higher when husbands are unemployed

Married men in Texas and around the country who wish to avoid divorce should do whatever they can to remain gainfully employed, according to research conducted by a Harvard sociology professor. The professor studied more than 6,000 different-sex married couples and paid particular attention to how unemployment and financial stresses influenced divorce rates, and she discovered that bucking traditional gender roles had far more of an impact on husbands than it did on wives.


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