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Approaches to handling problems after a divorce

One of the biggest problems that Texas parents face is communicating on issues involving their children. After a divorce, it can be even more difficult for them to be on the same page when they are not even in the same household. However, by learning new approaches to dealing with issues that arise, the parents can minimize the post-divorce conflict.

When parents share child custody, they are making a commitment to provide their children with a meaningful relationship with both parents. After a divorce, it is important to maintain consistency. However, parents may diverge on certain issues. What one parent sees as a problem, the other parent may not. This can range from curfews, bedtimes, dietary habits, screen time and other issues.

The child custody order may detail how such issues are to be resolved. It may have granted one parent legal custody or final decision making authority. In the absence of such instructions, the parents should make all effort to reach an agreement about issues that arise. They can do this by calmly discussing their point of view and trying to understand the other's belief on the subject. In some situations, the parties may simply agree that they will handle the issue differently in their respective households. If the parties believe the issue is important, they may ask the court to make a ruling.

Parents who would like to know what their options are about dealing with a post-divorce issue may wish to contact a family law attorney. Legal counsel may recommend mediation as an alternative way of resolving the matter.

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