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Divorce: Peak seasons and reasons

Divorce is a complicated matter. When minor children are involved, it becomes an even more complex issue to handle. This might be a major contributing factor to the fact that the rate of divorce increases during certain times of the year. The months of March and August carry the highest spike in divorce rates. Equally significant are the reasons why couples tend to wait before saying their final goodbyes to their marriages. 

Minor Children

Children, especially the ones who are old enough to attend school, are exceptionally perceptive when major changes occur in the home. For this reason, parents often will schedule their divorce for a time when school starts back, when their children will return to or start school and not be impacted by the changes during the summer. In other words, their summer, a time when they should be on vacation and relaxing, will not be interrupted.

Financial Stability

Being able to part ways with a spouse while also eliminating any financial dependency or gaining and/or maintaining financial stability can be the most difficult part of a divorce. It is most beneficial to seek the advice and services of a divorce lawyer who can help mediate finances and expedite the divorce. However, during the holidays, most notably Christmas, shoppers spend more flexibly and liberally, and directly after is when the finances are being rebuilt. This forces couples to wait, even until after tax season to file for divorce, eliminating the financial strain and complications.


Initiating a confrontational event like a divorce can put a halt to any final determinations and decisions. Fearing the unknown, starting over, and major change can all lead to a spouse or couples hesitating to start the divorce process. In addition, not understanding all of the legal implications, documents, and steps can cause either spouse to hesitate. The anxiety associated with this fear produces a lack of determination, allowing couples to wait until spring, when changes seem easier to manage.

The peak in divorce rates during March and August is a result of parents being conscious of their children's needs and waiting for the right moment to make such a drastic change. Couples also tend to seek financial security before divorcing, which could be costly for both. Although a divorce is a complicated event, it should not be done alone. It is necessary to contact a lawyer anytime it is considered so that both parties, along with any children, will have emotional and financial stability. As well, consulting with a legal professional will help ease fear and concern. 

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