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September 2016 Archives

Common El Paso custody and domestic violence myths

There are many common myths that come to mind when it comes to child custody battles that revolve around abusive relationships. Domestic violence can lead to post-traumatic stress in children, which can become a life-long issue. One of the most dangerous misconceptions about child custody and domestic violence is that a separation is all it takes to ensure that children are safe from an abusive parent.

Why stepparent adoption may be the right choice

Marriage and family relationships are complex and powerful bonds that are difficult to express in words. Yet, having a legal definition that reflects your family status can be an essential security blanket and reinforcement of bond. If you've forged a strong connection with your stepchild, living together as a family -- and being married to the child's mother or father -- doesn't offer the same legal protections as adoption.

How to protect college savings funds during a divorce

Texas couples who are divorcing may be concerned about how the separation will affect their savings. These concerns can be especially tricky when the savings are meant to benefit a third party, such as a college savings plan for their children. Couples should be sure to square away the details of any savings plans in a legal separation agreement or a divorce settlement.

Valuing a business for property division purposes

It is possible that a business will need to be among the assets divided in a Texas divorce. In order to determine its value for property division purposes, it might be necessary to have an appraisal performed. The parties will need to decide how thorough the valuation process will be. For those who want the most accurate figures, it is beneficial to have a full valuation conducted.


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