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December 2016 Archives

Obama administration changes prisoner child support rules

On Dec. 19, the Obama administration announced policy changes that could help prisoners in El Paso and nationwide avoid crippling child support debts. The regulations, which were crafted by the Administration for Children and Families, allow parents to seek lower child support payments when they are incarcerated.

Ending a long-term marriage may lead to financial complications

One of the unfortunate realities of divorce is that it can to happen to anyone. Even people who have been a couple for decades can choose to end their marriage, for varying reasons. The fact that it has become a normal occurrence in Texas and throughout the U.S. is a key factor in the rise of so-called "gray divorces".

Helping children through divorce

Divorce can be very difficult for children in Texas and throughout the country. Because children are naturally inclined to be loyal to both of their parents, conflicts between parents can cause them to feel anxious. If a divorcing parent tries to get their child to side against the other parent, this behavior can cause even more problems for the child.

Helping kids come to terms with divorce

It isn't uncommon for children in Texas and throughout the country to be impacted by their parents getting a divorce. They may exhibit changes in behavior that may result in poor performance in school. Anxiety is also common after a divorce as a child may think that he or she did something to cause it to occur. The age of the child as well as how the divorce plays out may determine how a specific child handles the event.

Reasons why millennials might be seeking prenups

Texas residents who are planning their marriages might also be interested in finding out how to incorporate a prenuptial agreement. Prenups were once thought to be for wealthy and famous people only, but millennials, who are seeking prenups at increased rates, have proven this wrong.


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