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Helping kids come to terms with divorce

It isn't uncommon for children in Texas and throughout the country to be impacted by their parents getting a divorce. They may exhibit changes in behavior that may result in poor performance in school. Anxiety is also common after a divorce as a child may think that he or she did something to cause it to occur. The age of the child as well as how the divorce plays out may determine how a specific child handles the event.

A child's ability to cope with a divorce may be influenced by how well a parent copes with it. Parents are urged to talk with a mental health professional if they are having trouble handling their divorce. Individuals may also consider talking to a religious figure or enrolling in a support group. When a parent has his or her emotions under control, it becomes easier to focus on meeting the needs of his or her child.

Each year, there are roughly 1 million children impacted by the 800,000 divorces that occur in the United States. Typically, it takes about a year for a child to work through issues related to a divorce, and parents can help ease the transition by assuring them that they are loved. Parents should also answer any questions that a child may have in a manner appropriate for his or her age.

If an individual is going through or is planning on going through the divorce process, it may be worthwhile to talk with an attorney. Those who have children may be able to learn more about how a divorce may impact parenting time or whether or not they need to pay child support. In some cases, issues may be resolved by the parents as part of their divorce decree without the need for litigation.

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