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Reasons why millennials might be seeking prenups

Texas residents who are planning their marriages might also be interested in finding out how to incorporate a prenuptial agreement. Prenups were once thought to be for wealthy and famous people only, but millennials, who are seeking prenups at increased rates, have proven this wrong.

For millennials, seeking a prenup makes sense, particularly since many millennials are reaching the point of marriage at an older age and with more assets acquired before marriage. Assets can include real and intellectual property, family money, and businesses, for example. Millennials might be seeking prenups to protect these assets as well as to make a possible future divorce less costly and less emotional than if they had to go through the stress of dividing everything.

Though some people might fear that getting a prenup is like planning for a divorce, the truth is that the benefits of a prenup far outweigh many of the negative connotations associated with them. The reasons why a person might seek a prenup include the protection it offers them, particularly with their intellectual property, the help it can provide to offset costs of a divorce later on, and the fact that it is good planning and might protect a person's goodwill in society.

A prenup is usually much less expensive than a divorce, and a family law lawyer may be able to provide guidance about what might be included in the prenup and help make sure that it is fair to all involved. Planning for the future does not mean planning for the end of a relationship. Instead, it might help to make the relationship between both spouses less tense if both go into the negotiations knowing that certain assets are already protected.

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