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January 2017 Archives

Reducing conflict during child custody exchanges

El Paso parents who are getting a divorce may find that their conflicts do not end on the day that the divorce is finalized, and custody exchanges may be times when those conflicts come to a head. Whether parents share custody or one parent is the custodial one while the other has visitation rights, they will need to meet up each time the child goes from one household to the other.

Divorcing parents should put children first

Most El Paso parents who are ending their marriage know that divorce can be difficult for their children. That can be especially true if the split is contentious. However, divorcing parents can do a lot to help their children adjust by setting aside bitter feelings and putting their kids' happiness first.

Divorce after 50: Obtaining a positive outcome

Supposedly, there has been an overall decrease in divorce among couples under age 30. Your own situation, however, may be quite different. If you live in Texas, are past age 50, have been married 20 or more years, have children (maybe grandchildren) and are currently going through divorce, you may be facing challenges similar to the experiences others have gone through. So many people your age and older have divorced that experts have coined this new colloquial term: gray divorce.

Divorce may be a costly New Year's resolution

The holidays can be stressful with family obligations, frantic schedules and stretched-thin finances. Besides this, spouses who are accustomed to being apart for several hours a day often find themselves penned up in the house together for several days. Texas couples are not immune to the strain, and many decide to divorce after the new year.


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