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March 2017 Archives

Are prenuptial agreements a good idea?

When Texas couples start talking marriage, reception hall dates, flowers and honeymoon destinations are usually the primary topics. People generally do not want to think about the possibility of marital breakdown during this time. However, given the rate of divorce in the United States, finances are and should be a significant concern.

How DPPA may help some parents collect child support

Paso parents who fail to pay child support and who leave the state in order to avoid it may be punished under a 1998 federal law called the Deadbeat Parents Punishment Act. In addition to leaving the state, in order to be prosecuted under DPPA, parents must not have made child support payments in over a year and must owe upwards of $5,000 or they must not have made payments in more than two years and must owe over $10,000.

Putting children first while getting a divorce

Children are often hit very hard by divorces, but much of the emotional damage can be mitigated by the way that parents handle themselves during the process. Some of the ways that Texas parents can reduce the blow of splitting up include picking a good time to tell the kids about it and providing stability for them.

A divorce needs as much preparation as a marriage - if not more

Considering the amount of preparation that goes into a wedding, a divorce deserves the same attention, as it will determine the post-divorce lifestyles of both spouses and any children they may have. As with any major experience in your life, preparing for your divorce may significantly lessen your level of stress and allow you to enter a new episode of your life on a stable financial and emotional basis.

Reasons to have a prenuptial agreement

Although couples in Texas who are getting married might not want to think about prenuptial agreements, putting one together can have a number of benefits. A prenup may be particularly important in certain circumstances. For example, if one person is going into the marriage with considerably more assets than the other, they might want to protect those assets in the event that the marriage ends after just a few years.


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