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A divorce needs as much preparation as a marriage - if not more

Considering the amount of preparation that goes into a wedding, a divorce deserves the same attention, as it will determine the post-divorce lifestyles of both spouses and any children they may have. As with any major experience in your life, preparing for your divorce may significantly lessen your level of stress and allow you to enter a new episode of your life on a stable financial and emotional basis.

Rather than just automatically following the routes taken by family and friends who got divorced before you, exploring the available options and the related pros and cons might be a good place to start planning a divorce.


While litigation used to be the only option, it is now more or less reserved for high net worth divorces with complicated property division issues, or for highly contentious cases. Unfortunately, litigation often brings out the worst in people, and for some, dishing out punishment becomes more important than reaching fair settlements.

Uncontested Divorce

If ending your marriage is something you and your spouse have both decided to do, you may want to learn more about an uncontested divorce. If the two of you can sit down and work out all the details related to property division, child-related issues and more, you might be able to steer clear of litigation. Having a comprehensive knowledge of all the family finances before proceeding with an uncontested divorce could prove invaluable to the smoothness of the process and to your future financial well-being.

If there are children involved in your divorce, focusing on their best interests rather than your own emotions may allow you to draft a settlement agreement and avoid litigation. An experienced divorce attorney can help with documenting your agreement and filing the papers for the approval of the court. If you can manage the process without contention, the savings in financial costs and time could be significant.


Even if your breakup is amicable, the chances that you will agree on all aspects might be too much to ask. You might be happy to know that contentious issues could be resolved with the help of a professional divorce mediator.

This process involves a mediator who provides the platform for communication and compromise, and while this person could be a specially trained attorney, he or she may not provide legal guidance. That will be up to you and your soon-to-be ex's lawyers who can provide advice and valuable input throughout discussions. This could apply to a myriad of different aspects of your divorce including property division, spousal support, child custody, parenting or visitation plans and more.

Collaborative divorce

This fresh approach brings a divorcing couple together with various professionals who are specialists in their fields while also trained to handle collaborative divorces. You and your spouse will each have your respective attorneys present, and the team could include a financial advisor, a child specialist, a realtor and more if necessary. If the collaborative process fails, and you then choose to litigate the divorce in a court, you and your spouse will both have to appoint different legal representatives.

To ensure you make an informed choice when it comes to your divorce and your future, the most appropriate step might be to consult with a seasoned divorce attorney in your area. Your attorney can carefully analyze all aspects of your situation to determine the most appropriate option for your divorce, which will give you much-needed peace of mind and allow you to focus on moving toward a brighter future.

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