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May 2017 Archives

How to help children cope with divorce

When Texas parents of young children decide to end their marriage, it is important to help their children cope with the change. As kids are likely to sense that something is going on, it is best to tell them that a divorce is forthcoming. In addition to being honest about what is happening, it is important to encourage open lines of communication to help children deal with their feelings.

Property ownership key factor in gray divorce

The social stigma surrounding divorce that might have kept couples in Texas together in the past has faded, and the divorce rate has risen among people over age 50. Known as gray divorce, marital splits among those over 50 doubled between 1990 and 2010. In 1990, only five in every 1,000 marriages of older people ended in divorce, but, in 2010, the rate for that demographic had jumped to 10 out 1,000. The results of a longitudinal study that followed over 5,000 couples published in 2016 revealed that the amount of marital assets influenced the likelihood of divorce.

Couples arguing more over politics

While it may seem that heated political issues have little to do with what goes on in the everyday lives of El Paso residents, some research shows that may not be true. Wakefield Research, a polling firm based in Virginia, reports that more couples than ever are arguing over politics, particularly the election of President Trump. Ten percent are choosing to end their relationship primarily over these differences. Though political disagreements are up among people of all ages, millennials cite political differences as a factor in splitting up at a higher rate of 22 percent.

Dealing with debt in pre- and postnup agreements

El Paso residents who are getting married or who have already tied the knot might be concerned about having a different attitude toward debt than their future spouse. A prenuptial agreement or, for people who are already married, a postnuptial agreement, may help protect one spouse from the other's debts. While creditors may still pursue people for their spouse's debt, a pre- or postnup puts a framework in place that allows them to have the spouse pay them back.

Blocking a non-custodial parent's contact with their child

Texas family courts are reluctant to place restrictions on noncustodial divorced parents who want to text, call or FaceTime their children, except in cases in which neglect or abuse may be present. Parents who do not want the other parent to do so should know that without a court order, they are unable to legally block the other parent from communicating with the child.


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