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Blocking a non-custodial parent's contact with their child

Texas family courts are reluctant to place restrictions on noncustodial divorced parents who want to text, call or FaceTime their children, except in cases in which neglect or abuse may be present. Parents who do not want the other parent to do so should know that without a court order, they are unable to legally block the other parent from communicating with the child.

Parents who are prevented by the other parent from contacting their child may have legal recourse. If there are disagreements regarding unnecessary video calls, text messages or phone calls made by a noncustodial parent or one parent's access to the child has been blocked, the family courts will generally create schedules and rules for these issues.

Custodial parents may have valid reasons from wanting to block their children's communication with the noncustodial parents. If the parent is engaging in harassing behavior via the phone or text messages, or there is a record of abuse, the custodial parent may limit communication with the other parent until he or she is able to receive counseling or some other form of assistance. If the abusive behavior does not qualify as a criminal threat, contacting the police may not beneficial. Normally, a parent's only option is the family court. However, it is advisable to speak with a child therapist before deciding to partially or completely cut off communication between the child and the noncustodial parent.

A family law attorney may assist parents who are embroiled in child custody disputes. Depending on the circumstances of a case, the attorney may recommend taking part in mediation or negotiation to arrive at an agreeable solution and avoid a bitter courtroom battle that may adversely affect the child.

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