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How to help children cope with divorce

When Texas parents of young children decide to end their marriage, it is important to help their children cope with the change. As kids are likely to sense that something is going on, it is best to tell them that a divorce is forthcoming. In addition to being honest about what is happening, it is important to encourage open lines of communication to help children deal with their feelings.

Children need to know that their parents will be there for them even if they are no longer going to be together. It is also important for parents to act in a manner that is consistent with their words. Otherwise, their insecurities or doubts may get the best of them as the divorce process moves along. No matter what happens, it is never a good idea to talk poorly about an ex in front of kids.

Parents should allow their children some time to grieve about the change that is taking place in their lives. They should also be flexible about scheduling issues assuming that they happen infrequently. There are likely going to be times when a pickup or drop-off is missed or an appointment is missed because of an emergency or other unforeseen events. Remaining calm is best for both the parents and the children.

In any divorce, the best interests of the children should be considered the top priority. Therefore, both parents may be granted parenting time and other rights unless there is reason to believe that doing so is inappropriate. Parents may wish to talk to their respective attorneys about how to protect their rights as well as how they may be able to work out a custody and visitation plan without the need to go to court.

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