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Link between divorce and a husband's employment

Some Texas couples might be surprised to learn that the main factor in a divorce is whether or not the husband is gainfully employed. This is according to a study that was conducted by a sociology professor at Harvard University.

The study involved an analysis of 46 years of data on over 6,300 married couples in the United States. The researcher was able to note that there was a spike in the number of divorces in the mid-1970s. She was also able to determine that after 1975, housework was not a prevailing issue, possibly because an increasing number of women were going into the workforce. The researcher also concluded that the fact that a wife had a job was not related to the increased risk of a divorce.

Based on the information from the study, since 1975 the primary factor of a divorce has been the employment status of the husband. Even while women began to pursue careers outside of the home, the breadwinner role still remained with the husband. The researcher found that husbands who do not have full time employment have a 3.3 percent of being divorced in a given year, while husbands with full time work have only a 2.5 percent likelihood of a getting a divorce in a given year.

Finances are often a major contributor to the end of a marriage. Arguments over calls from collection agents and the inability to obtain a car loan or a mortgage can lead to more lasting problems. People who are in this position may want to have the help of a family law attorney if divorce is on the horizon as a result.

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