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Common misconceptions about divorce

Some El Paso residents who are considering a divorce might believe a number of myths about the process. For example, some might believe that it is easy enough to see how much child support they will be required to pay using a child support calculator. However, there are a number of factors that may be taken into account in determining child support, and legal advice may be required.

Another misconception some people may have is that they will not be responsible for the mortgage if they agree that the other spouse will own the home. Lenders will not see it this way, and the loan will have to be refinanced or an appropriate indemnification sought. People might also think they do not need to divide a retirement account, but usually this is considered marital property that is split in a divorce.

Parents should make an effort to talk to their children about the divorce. While it is important to try to shield children from some of the most difficult parts of the process, such as conflict between parents, it is equally important to have open communication so that children can ask questions and express concerns.

People who are considering a divorce might want to talk to an attorney first. This may help resolve some misconceptions. With the assistance of the attorney, the person might also begin to plan for property division and possibly spousal support and child custody if these are factors in the divorce. People may also want to consider whether they will be able to negotiate with a spouse or if the case may need to go through litigation. The former may be less costly and time-consuming, but litigation may be necessary if the other spouse is uncooperative.

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