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Parents fearing deportation seek custody arrangements

Texas parents who are undocumented immigrants and who think there's a possibility that they might be deported might want to know how to protect their children. Across the country, parents who feel at risk are turning to child custody orders to ensure that their kids will enjoy stable lives.

Legal workers say that since the 2016 presidential election, many parents have been increasingly worried about the possibility of deportation. Churches and other community centers have also been seeking help from immigration workers to guide parents through the process of creating child custody arrangements in case they get deported.

Parents with risky immigration statuses may feel that their children will lead better lives in the U.S., and children who were born in the country are citizens and thus have the right to stay. These parents commonly set up custody arrangements so that a close relative can care for their kids after they have to leave. Some also go as far as to transfer possessions like their homes to relatives like their in-laws. This may make it easier to ensure that their children have everything they need to live more securely while they're away from their parents.

Separating from their children is one of the hardest things parents ever have to do, but in some cases, it's the best way to provide for them. In addition to uncertainties caused by immigration, parents may have to relinquish control after they separate from their partners or become incapacitated by injuries. Child custody agreements play vital roles in all of these situations because they provide clearer plans for matters like residency, education and health care. Attorneys may be able to help parents navigate these complex legal arrangements and do what's in their kids' best interests.

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