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August 2017 Archives

Claiming alimony as a tax deduction

In Texas divorce cases, alimony is sometimes a major issue. When couples have been married for long periods of time, the courts may issue alimony orders if there is a disparity in the incomes of the spouses. While spouses may not like being ordered to pay alimony, the payments can be deducted on their tax returns as long as the orders or agreements are drafted correctly.

Are you having issues with your current custody arrangements?

As a parent, you certainly want to do what is best for your children as often as you can. If you have gone through divorce, you may sometimes feel as if taking care of your children goes outside your control due to the child custody arrangements created at the time your marriage ended. Though you likely would not want to interfere with the other parent's rights without cause when it comes to custody, certain factors may lead you to feel concerned.

Establishing paternity with DNA testing

For some parents in El Paso, DNA testing might be necessary to establish paternity. This may be important for a mother who wants to get child support. Some high-profile paternity cases include those of Mick Jagger and of Apple founder Steve Jobs. In both cases, once paternity was established, the fathers paid support and eventually had relationships with their children as well.

Money troubles for women after divorce

Divorce can put a strain on finances for any Texas couple, but women could have a tougher time when ending a marriage. Women typically make less than men, and going through a divorce can hurt a woman's income even more. A 2012 report from the U.S. Government Accountability Office found a 41 percent drop on average for a woman's household income after divorce.

The financial aspects of a divorce

Texas couples who decide to get divorced might find that it is an expensive proposition when court fees, lawyers and mediators are included. Many couples, however, forget that it can become even higher, when the years of child and spousal support that might follow are included. This is why couples need to focus on financial planning for post-divorce health when the idea of ending a marriage first takes hold.

Going to bat for your children's best interests in divorce

If you're like many Texas parents, you may spend many weeks during spring and summer running back and forth to baseball games, soccer events and/or other special activities in which your children participate. In fact, some days, just getting away from work, through heavy traffic and to the field on time may prove as challenging (or so it may seem) as putting a man on the moon, but hey -- they're your kids and they're worth it, right?


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