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Are you having issues with your current custody arrangements?

As a parent, you certainly want to do what is best for your children as often as you can. If you have gone through divorce, you may sometimes feel as if taking care of your children goes outside your control due to the child custody arrangements created at the time your marriage ended. Though you likely would not want to interfere with the other parent's rights without cause when it comes to custody, certain factors may lead you to feel concerned.

If you believe that the current custody arrangement does not work in the best interests of your children, you may feel a desire to change the terms of the agreement. However, such changes often do not come about simply, and only specific circumstances may warrant any modifications to existing custody agreements.

Court considerations

If you hope to change your custody terms, you will need to go through court proceedings. When addressing your request, the court will examine various aspects of your situation, including:

  • Your current circumstances as well as circumstances of the other parent
  • Any emergency concerns relating to the children, such as imminent danger
  • Positive and negative potential for altering current arrangements
  • Whether modifications would work in the best interests of your children

If the court does not see specific reason for changing the agreement or the court does not believe that your desired alterations would work in the best interests of your children, the court may not approve your request for modifications.

Reasons for seeking changes

Common acceptable reasons for wanting modifications to custody terms do exist, and if your reasons fall into any of the following categories, you may successfully obtain changes. These reasons include:

  • Significant change in circumstances since the creation of the last agreement
  • You or the other parent can no longer work with the terms of the current agreement
  • You or the other parent want to relocate and the move would affect the terms of the agreement
  • The other parent fails to adhere to the current custody terms

Of course, your situation may fall outside the parameters of these specific cases. If you believe you have other valid reasons to seek child custody modifications, you may wish to explore more information relating to your predicament. Gaining information from local Texas legal resources may help you better understand your options and how to ensure that your children's best interests remain a priority.

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