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September 2017 Archives

Long-term thinking needed for divorce financial decisions

Divorce represents not only the severing of a marital relationship but the end of a shared financial life. Some Texas couples in this situation might be tempted to accept any apparently reasonable terms simply to get the process over with, but they should research the long-term impact of their decisions.

Can 'gray' divorce alter your retirement plans?

The old adage, "when it's over, it's over," could even be applicable to marriages that are decades old. With changing societal values, the United States is seeing a lot more "gray divorces," or marriages splitting up after many years -- often when the children have left the nest and a couple has simply grown apart.

Jobs that require flexible schedules linked to divorce

Married couples in Texas may not realize how much their profession may affect their chances of divorce. A study conducted by FlowingData has revealed that some professions are linked to a higher rate of divorce than others. Positions that involve traveling, transportation and flexible schedules seem to be stronger predictors of divorce. In particular, jobs with flexible schedules such as bartending and casino gaming are at the top of the list of jobs that are most linked to divorce.

Consistency provides peace of mind for kids of divorced parents

In Texas and across the United States, children who split their time between separated parents benefit from the structure and predictability that comes from consistent rules between two residences. While family lawyers do not generally counsel clients on child rearing, assistance is often given to help divorcing parents find common ground and work together in providing guidelines for their child to follow.

Tips for dealing with toxic co-parents

When a Texas couple gets a divorce, the two individuals may still have to work together for some time if they had children. For some parents, this can be extremely difficult especially if the other parent is toxic. While parents can be toxic for a plethora of reasons, including being an abuser, being an addict or being a narcissist, there are some tips available that parents can use to make the situation less stressful.


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