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Consistency provides peace of mind for kids of divorced parents

In Texas and across the United States, children who split their time between separated parents benefit from the structure and predictability that comes from consistent rules between two residences. While family lawyers do not generally counsel clients on child rearing, assistance is often given to help divorcing parents find common ground and work together in providing guidelines for their child to follow.

Contradictions on things such as bedtimes, food choices and entertainment may adversely impact the children involved for the rest of their life. Ideally, parents should confer with each other, at times including their children, with the goal of creating guidelines that everyone can agree on. A non-biased mediator may be beneficial in this regard.

Parents with shared custody who find coming to a common ground challenging may benefit from parenting classes. These classes are non-bias and can coach parents on the benefits of compromise. Furthermore, they can help parents to see the negative impact that failure to compromise can have on their children.

Flexibility, compromise and knowing when to acquiesce to the wishes of an ex-spouse are all important attributes. However, it's also important to stand firm and request the assistance of the court in some instances.

In situations where a divorced parent feels that the rules, or lack of rules, their ex-spouse provides is creating a harmful environment for their children, a family law attorney may provide representation. The lawyer could argue for adjusted visitation schedules or show that the client's fitness as a parent makes sole custody in the best interest of the child involved.

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