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Jobs that require flexible schedules linked to divorce

Married couples in Texas may not realize how much their profession may affect their chances of divorce. A study conducted by FlowingData has revealed that some professions are linked to a higher rate of divorce than others. Positions that involve traveling, transportation and flexible schedules seem to be stronger predictors of divorce. In particular, jobs with flexible schedules such as bartending and casino gaming are at the top of the list of jobs that are most linked to divorce.

Jobs involving working in a nightlife atmosphere as well as jobs with lower incomes were more strongly tied to a higher likelihood of divorce. In 2015, the mean national rate of divorce was about 35 percent. For bartenders and casino workers, the rate is just under 55 percent. These jobs might have a higher divorce rate due to a schedule that requires spouses to be away from home at odd hours and for extended periods.

Conversely, divorces were less likely for marriages where spouses held jobs with higher paying incomes. Professions such as scientist, health care professional, actuary and developers of software had lower rates of divorce. High income is not everything, however. Sometimes the fact that a spouse is able to stay near the home also contributes to lower divorce rates, other professions such as fisher, farmer and forester were also at the low end of the list.

Couples whose relationships are strained due to the profession of one or both spouses might be considering a divorce. A family law attorney might be able to discuss options with possible clients. A lawyer can review clients' cases, help them make informed legal decisions and provide them with options to consider should they decide to file.

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