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Tips for dealing with toxic co-parents

When a Texas couple gets a divorce, the two individuals may still have to work together for some time if they had children. For some parents, this can be extremely difficult especially if the other parent is toxic. While parents can be toxic for a plethora of reasons, including being an abuser, being an addict or being a narcissist, there are some tips available that parents can use to make the situation less stressful.

First, it is important for parents to understand that the children should be the main focus. Parents should put their children's needs front and center, which should make navigating the situation with the toxic co-parent a bit easier. This often means only engaging in communication with the toxic ex if that communication is about the children and the children only. Parents should avoid bringing up unresolved issues from the divorce and avoid going into their private lives.

Even though an ex can be toxic, studies have shown that it can be important that the children have an opportunity to have a relationship with that parent. Parents can help facilitate this by never talking poorly about the ex. Further, parents should encourage the children's relationship with the ex unless that relationship is harmful to the children.

Because children usually benefit from having both parents involved in their lives, effective co-parenting can be an ideal solution. If both parents are able to provide proper care for the children, joint physical and legal child custody may be appropriate. However, if the other parent is incapable of caring for the children on his or her own, a family law attorney could help a parent seek sole custody while still giving the other parent visitation. If the other parent is harmful to the children, the attorney could seek supervised visitation or request that the judge deny it entirely.

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