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October 2017 Archives

Keeping the children healthy during a divorce

No person goes into a marriage thinking that they will someday be ending it, but for a certain percentage of people, this is the case. When two people decide to end a marriage, and they have children together, sometimes they learn to compromise so that they can support the children and allow them to thrive.

The benefits of online dating

While some Texas residents may believe that online dating is having a major impact on the "hookup" culture, a study showed that sites like OKCupid, Match.com and Tinder could actually be creating stronger marriages. Furthermore, research shows that online dating could be behind the rise in interracial partnerships and same-sex relationships.

Divorce may be wise when marriages become toxic

Making the decision to end a marriage is rarely easy for couples in Texas and around the country, and even relationships that seem damaged beyond repair may sometimes be salvaged if both spouses remain committed and are willing to compromise. However, when marriages have become toxic and are causing harm, seeking a divorce may be a wise and practical step to take.

Study looks at wage garnishments for child support, other debts

Some El Paso workers may be among the 7 percent nationwide whose wages were garnished in 2016. Most people whose wages are garnished are men who are behind on child support. Women whose wages are garnished tend to owe money on other types of debt such as student loans or taxes. These were some of the findings of the ADP Research Institute in a study that was released on Sept. 27.

Divorce leads to tax changes

Texas residents going through a divorce might not think about the potential tax ramifications of dissolving a marriage. However, knowing what to expect means one will not be surprised and can prepare for the tax changes that occur after divorce.


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