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Divorce may be wise when marriages become toxic

Making the decision to end a marriage is rarely easy for couples in Texas and around the country, and even relationships that seem damaged beyond repair may sometimes be salvaged if both spouses remain committed and are willing to compromise. However, when marriages have become toxic and are causing harm, seeking a divorce may be a wise and practical step to take.

Divorce could be the only viable option when spouses have substance abuse problems that they refuse to acknowledge or seek help to overcome. Individuals often turn to alcohol or drugs when their personal relationships no longer provide them with comfort and support, and ending a marriage in these situations could benefit both substance abusers and those who are subjected to their destructive behavior on a daily basis. Drinking and using drugs may also lead to the kind of physical and emotional abuse that can wreck homes and doom children to a future of unhappiness and dysfunctional relationships.

It may also be wise to consider filing for divorce when spouses are no longer willing to put in the work needed to sustain a marriage and may be setting a poor example for their children. Research has shown that remaining in a relationship for the sake of children may do more harm than good, and experts say that children are often acutely aware of the problems their parents are dealing with even when they go to great lengths to mask them.

Spouses who seek divorce to escape toxic relationships often do not take action until matters are dire. In these situations, experienced family law attorneys may act quickly to prevent further harm to their clients or their children by petitioning courts to issue orders of protection. Attorneys could also devote more time to gathering evidence when litigation seems inevitable and accusations are likely to fly.

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