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Keeping the children healthy during a divorce

No person goes into a marriage thinking that they will someday be ending it, but for a certain percentage of people, this is the case. When two people decide to end a marriage, and they have children together, sometimes they learn to compromise so that they can support the children and allow them to thrive.

A recent study indicated that children from families in which the parents no longer communicated were less healthy. The children showed weaker immune systems than individuals whose parents still were able to communicate. The study showed that, if the separation was amicable, the children's immune systems were comparable to kids whose families stayed together.

So how can you keep the children healthy after a breakup in Texas? Some individuals with experience on the topic have suggested a few tips. Perhaps you will be able to use these tips as a guide.

Use good communication

One way to keep the child's best interest at heart is to prevent them from becoming your messenger. You should make every attempt to communicate directly with your spouse, and not to involve the children in spreading angry or passive-aggressive messages. Feel free to take advantage of texts or digital messaging to keep a direct line of communication with your co-parent.

Counseling can help

Even after divorce, if you are sharing parenting responsibilities with another person, and you can't get along, you may want to consider going to a counselor together. If that isn't feasible, and it may not be, you might want to choose to attend counseling for yourself to help sort out any negative or confused feelings that you are experiencing. In some cases, you may find yourself a victim of bullying by your ex-spouse, or you may find that they refuse to cooperate with court orders. In that case, some people have found a third-party like a lawyer could help.

Keep complaints confidential

If you must vent, you may want to avoid doing it in a way that your children may see or hear. Children may even see passive-aggressive messages on social media. A child can experience a great deal of stress and anxiety if they feel torn or caught in the middle between mom and dad. By choosing to vent about your ex in a safe, private place, you can prevent your child from negative effects of stress.

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