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The benefits of online dating

While some Texas residents may believe that online dating is having a major impact on the "hookup" culture, a study showed that sites like OKCupid, Match.com and Tinder could actually be creating stronger marriages. Furthermore, research shows that online dating could be behind the rise in interracial partnerships and same-sex relationships.

Part of the reason for this is that online dating broadens the dating pool for many people. Traditionally, people were stuck using real-life social networks to meet potential spouses. Essentially, people were mainly dating others within their religious groups, colleagues and friends of friends. It has been suggested that widening the dating pool makes for stronger relationships because many people are not interested in dating others who are exactly like themselves.

The results of the study also suggest that online daters who end up marrying have a higher marital satisfaction rate. Part of the reason for this may be the use of questionnaires, which allow people to find others with the specific traits they are looking for. On the other hand, dating sites also allow younger individuals who are not yet ready to get married or who have no plans to get married the ability to serial date.

Despite the popularity of online dating, the divorce rates in Texas are still high. If a former couple has reached the end of a marriage, they may have to divide marital assets. Additionally, one former spouse may need spousal support to get back on his or her feet. A family law attorney may discuss the options available to a former spouse depending on specifics of the marriage. If, for example, a former spouse did not work due to providing childcare duties, the attorney may help that spouse seek spousal support.

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