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November 2017 Archives

When entrepreneurs divorce

Entrepreneurs in Texas may have some special considerations when they are going through a divorce. The first step whether the business is co-owned or by just one spouse is to get an accurate valuation. This may require hiring a professional that can assess not just the value of tangible assets, such as equipment, but also how much the intangible assets, such as the company's name, are worth. In a family business, records may be kept informally, so it might be necessary to ensure that a spouse is not hiding assets from the other one.

Are your spouse's multiple cell phones related to your divorce?

When you file for divorce in Texas, you likely understand that the following weeks (and, perhaps months) will fill with challenges of all sorts, as well as many important decisions. Hopefully, you'll be able to nip any problems that arise in the bud before things get out of hand. Are you currently trying to figure out what to do about a certain suspicion you have regarding assets to which you believe you're entitled? Property division is an aspect of divorce where disputes surface.

What science says leads to divorce

Texas spouses may believe that their marriages are going to last forever. However, there are variables that may increase the odds that a person gets a divorce. While the presence of one or more of these variables doesn't guarantee a separation, they have helped scientists determine some of the keys to compatibility. For instance, marriages in which the husband doesn't work full time may be less stable.

Divorce provides relief when relationship cannot be saved

Few El Paso residents take the decision to end a marriage lightly. Troubled couples often seek counseling, which can succeed, but a relationship coach warns that divorce sometimes represents the best option for releasing family members from frustration and resentment. People do not need to view divorce as failure. They could instead recognize that they have grown apart and their love no longer supports a marital union.


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