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What science says leads to divorce

Texas spouses may believe that their marriages are going to last forever. However, there are variables that may increase the odds that a person gets a divorce. While the presence of one or more of these variables doesn't guarantee a separation, they have helped scientists determine some of the keys to compatibility. For instance, marriages in which the husband doesn't work full time may be less stable.

In addition, those who don't finish high school are more likely to get divorced compared to those who have finished college. This may be because people with a lower level of education have limited economic opportunities. Living in poverty or under constant financial stress can put pressure on a marriage. If a couple is not attracted to each other physically, it may also portend doom for the relationship.

However, separation is also likely to come to couples who are too affectionate with each other. This is because it may be difficult to keep up the level of romance that a couple had for each other when they first met. Researchers have also found that those who have contempt toward their partners are less likely to have a successful marriage. Describing a relationship in less than positive terms may also signal that a marriage won't last.

The end of a marriage can be a confusing or emotional time for an individual. However, a lawyer could help by explaining legal issues such as property division and alimony after the divorce. An attorney may also be helpful in reviewing prenuptial agreements or any agreements created during mediation or other negotiation sessions.

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