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December 2017 Archives

Why married people should prepare for divorce

Many Texas residents might feel financially secure in the present and even have confidence in their plans for the future, but a TD Ameritrade survey has found that divorced and widowed Americans face more financial challenges than their married counterparts. Additionally, a majority of married individuals do not have a plan in place for their finances in case of divorce or widowhood.

Is your second marriage over?

If your first marriage ended in divorce, you may have had high hopes that your second marriage would remain strong, maybe for the rest of your life. It seemed right at the start. Perhaps you made each other laugh, shared similar interests and just felt comfortable together. Your respective children got along well enough, and things seemed promising.

Protecting children from a narcissistic ex-spouse

Texas parents who are separated or divorced have experienced how delicate custody agreements are for the children involved. Maintaining the children's emotional health during the transitional process and afterwards is usually one of the priorities for parents. However, there are situations when one parent might manipulate the children to gain some advantage in the situation at the expense of their emotional well-being.

Recognizing and dealing with parental alienation

El Paso parents may want to be alert to signs of parental alienation after divorce. This may happen in any type of custody or visitation arrangement, and it involves one parent undermining the other by turning the child against the other parent. However, it can be subtle, and it may also happen gradually. For example, a parent might begin by trying to extend visitation times with claims that the child is sick or has too much studying to do.

Overcoming divorce during the holidays

The holiday season may not be the best time for Texas residents to go through a divorce or separation. This may be especially true for those who have kids. However, parents should be aware that children generally react in the same general manner as they do. Therefore, it may be possible for adults to have some control over how they and their kids react to the impending change.

Child custody after separation

Many families in El Paso are affected by divorce every year. When a couple decides to separate, there are many preliminary issues that need to be decided before the divorce is finalized, such as where each spouse will live and how the couple's property will be divided. However, child custody may be the most important issue for parents who are going through a divorce.


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