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Child custody after separation

Many families in El Paso are affected by divorce every year. When a couple decides to separate, there are many preliminary issues that need to be decided before the divorce is finalized, such as where each spouse will live and how the couple's property will be divided. However, child custody may be the most important issue for parents who are going through a divorce.

When the parties first separate, they are in a situation where neither parent has child custody rights over the other. This can create a difficult situation if one spouse decides to move away with the children or prevents the other parent from seeing them. Before a court order is issued, the parties are only bound by their sense of fairness and consideration of the children's needs.

It is a good idea for parents who have recently separated to try to reach an agreement, even if it is only verbal. This can help create stability for the children as well as everyone else involved. It is also important to make sure that the children have frequent contact with both parents. The top priority in reaching any child custody agreement should be a child's best interests.

Parents who have separated should also be flexible and understanding when situations arise that require a change in plans. Often, this is inevitable due to work schedules and children's activities.

A parent who has separated from their spouse may benefit from consulting a divorce attorney. A lawyer could provide advice regarding legal rights during a child custody dispute. For example, during a military divorce, it is important to understand state and federal laws that are designed to protect parents who are in the military from being seen as less desirable caretakers simply because they are subject to deployment.

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