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Overcoming divorce during the holidays

The holiday season may not be the best time for Texas residents to go through a divorce or separation. This may be especially true for those who have kids. However, parents should be aware that children generally react in the same general manner as they do. Therefore, it may be possible for adults to have some control over how they and their kids react to the impending change.

In some cases, it may be best to keep up old traditions, such as celebrating Christmas at the same place the family has gathered in the past. It also may be a good idea to consider which parts of a holiday or the holiday season are most important to an individual, a former spouse or a child. This may allow all parties to create a plan to celebrate in a manner that is comfortable for everyone.

There is nothing wrong with children having some input into who they see over the holidays. For some, it may be the only chance that they get to see grandparents and other extended family members. At a minimum, children should be able to spend time with both of their parents during the holiday season assuming that it is safe to do so. Parents should be supportive of their children regardless of how a holiday schedule is constructed.

When determining custody matters, the child's best interests is generally the top priority. Therefore, parents may be best served by working with each other to create a visitation schedule that works for everyone. Doing so may prevent a judge from creating an order that may not be what the parents want. An attorney may be helpful for those looking to protect their parental rights in a divorce.

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