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January 2018 Archives

Mythis about marriage can be harmful

When Texas couples get engaged, friends and family may offer all sorts of advice on what makes a marriage a good one. While this advice may be well-meaning, it may not necessarily contribute to making a marriage good. In fact, some of this advice may be based on myths.

Behavioral patterns that predict divorce

Contempt, stonewalling, criticism and defensiveness have been identified by the author and marriage counselor John Gottman as negative behavioral patterns that may lead to adivorce. According to Gottman, contempt is the most dangerous because it shows a lack of respect for a partner. However, El Paso couples who engage in these behaviors might still be able to save their marriage.

Choosing a mediator to help with your divorce

Have you decided to end your marriage? For individuals approaching the end of a marriage, there are options in how to proceed. Some individuals choose separation, some may seek a litigated divorce in court, and others may choose to utilize mediation. How do you know which option is right for you? The best route will depend on your circumstances, and each has its pros and cons. Many people are choosing to use divorce mediation for its ability to reduce the length and cost of ending a marriage.

Tips for successful divorce negotiations

Many former spouses in El Paso know how difficult working out a divorce settlement can be. Many arrangements must take into account issues of alimony and child custody. Some situations must also deal with a prenuptial agreement, the existence of which doesn't necessarily prevent all property division problems to be worked out between the parties. Divorce agreement negotiations deal with family law issues than unmarried couples don't necessarily face, but even then, there are tips tips that should apply to all end-of-relationship legal disputes.

Divorce and remarriage grow family size by 66 percent

It's no secret in El Paso that divorce and remarriage have reshaped the American family over the past 50 years. Numerous studies have highlighted the family-breaking aspects of divorce, including child custody, child support, visitation plans and other divorce legal issues. Less attention has been paid to the family-growing effects following the end of a marriage and the emotions surrounding "blended" families. However, that may be changing.

Getting ready for a divorce

Throughout Texas and the rest of the country, divorce-filing rates tend to increase during the beginning of the year. According to some estimates, one out of every five couples contemplates getting a divorce after the holidays. For those intent on getting a divorce, there are some steps to take before seeing an attorney in January.


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