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Getting ready for a divorce

Throughout Texas and the rest of the country, divorce-filing rates tend to increase during the beginning of the year. According to some estimates, one out of every five couples contemplates getting a divorce after the holidays. For those intent on getting a divorce, there are some steps to take before seeing an attorney in January.

Although year-end financial information is generally not available until the end of January or beginning of February, final pay stubs of the year can help a divorce attorney understand one's financial situation. Additional financial documents that could help include credit card bills, bank statements and previous tax returns. Individuals can also run free credit reports on themselves and their future ex-spouses to determine if there are any debts that should be addressed.

Individuals planning to divorce must also be very careful about what they post on the internet. Social media accounts should be reviewed and edited as the posts can be used by the opposing party during the divorce. It may be prudent to take a complete break from social media for an extended period.

Another step divorcing individuals can take is to educate themselves about the divorce legal procedure. A list of questions relevant to their unique circumstances should be drafted to make the most out of their legal consultations.

An attorney may advise clients of what legal steps should be taken to obtain fair settlement terms. Litigation and negotiation tactics may be used to protect a client's interests and rights regarding property division, spousal support, child support and other divorce legal issues.

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