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Tips for keeping both parents in a child's life after divorce

When parents in El Paso get a divorce, they should make an effort to ensure that the child maintains a relationship with both of them unless there is some reason to worry for the child's safety. If one parent thinks the other is a mediocre parent, this is not a sufficient reason. If the parent is abusive or endangers the child's well-being in some other way, such as because of substance abuse, then the other parent might want to limit that parent's access to the child. Otherwise, the child will generally benefit from time with both parents.

In some cases, a parent might need to make sacrifices in order to maintain this relationship. One mother moved 80 miles from her son's father, so the father had to make more effort to maintain the relationship. After a few years, the mother moved closer to the father even though it meant that she had to move out of the house she owned and pay rent on an apartment.

Parents should keep in mind that divorcing one another does not mean they should drag children into the conflict. While one may not be the other parent's ideal of a good mother or father, the child will benefit from strong bonds with them both.

During divorce negotiations, including negotiations over child custody, parents may be able to lay the groundwork for conflict resolution. They may have a long co-parenting relationship ahead, so if they are unable to negotiate an agreement, they might want to consider mediation or other alternative dispute resolution methods. While litigation may create an adversarial environment, mediation helps parents reach a cooperative solution. However, even if parents must go to court, if they keep their focus on the best interests of the child, they may still have a productive co-parenting relationship.

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