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Child support collection mechanisms improved

Unpaid child support can be a major burden for many single Texas parents who struggle to pay rent, bills and other expenses. In many cases, collecting child support has been eased by the payroll withholding process. The federal Office of Child Support Enforcement reported that nearly $33 billion in support payments were passed through their system in the fiscal year of 2016. Of those, 75 percent were processed through payroll withholding.

The OCSE is working together with payroll agencies and professionals to streamline and improve the process in a number of ways. While all employers must report new hires and follow up with quarterly reports, some workplaces make the process more difficult by using different employee identification numbers for the same person. The OCSE is developing a process to help combat this issue. In addition, the agency has established a registry for employers who hire people in multiple states. By using the registry, employers can report all of their staff in one state.

In addition, state child support agencies have had some difficulties with verification of employment requests. When these requests are handled by third-party companies, the agencies often get incorrectly charged a fee rather than the employers. The federal agency is helping to ensure that these requests are necessary and to accurately direct fee requests.

While the high-level aspects of child support collection can be complex, the most important aspect is ensuring that families are receiving the support they deserve. When a parent is struggling due to unpaid child support, a family law attorney can help them to take action to seek enforcement against a delinquent payer.

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