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Divorce and marriage rates in the military

Women in Texas who are in the military might be more likely than their male counterparts to get divorced. For example, in the Army, the divorce rate for women is about 275 percent higher than it is for men.

The overall marriage rate in the military has declined. In 2011, 56.6 percent of active military personnel were married while in fiscal 2017, it was down to 51.7 percent. This is consistent with the overall decline of marriage in the general population. The declining number of military marriages is occurring even though marriage rates in the military tend to be higher than in the overall population because of benefits that accompany marriage, such as housing or housing benefits. Despite this, millennial-aged military members may have a similar view of the institution as their civilian counterparts, which is that the traditional support systems provided by marriage are unnecessary.

Divorce is also on the decline among men in the military and women in the Air Force and Army. However, for women in the Navy, the rate has fluctuated, and for women in the Marines, it has remained the same or increased since 2012. According to one researcher with Rand Corp, this might indicate that Marine policy may not be supportive toward married women.

People in the military or whose spouses are in the military who are considering a divorce might want to talk to an attorney about how it may affect things such as military pension payments. For example, in some cases, a couple might want to delay the divorce so that the non-military spouse can still receive some benefits. There may also be other complex aspects of divorce to work out for military couples, such as how to arrange child custody and visitation around a parent's deployment.

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