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April 2018 Archives

About military divorces

Married Texas residents who are in the military, or are married to military personnel, and who want to get a divorce will find that the process is legally similar to that of divorces of civilians. However, there are some aspects of the military can affect their divorce.

Dealing with finances after divorce

After a long-term marriage ends, both spouses will have to adjust to new financial realities. While it can take some time for an individual's finances to stabilize after the asset division process, knowledge of personal finance strategies can hasten this process. That's why all soon-to-be exes in Texas should be prepared for the future.

Divorce can solve many issues, but does have a few limitations

Many people who attempt to battle through an unsuccessful marriage will ultimately choose to end it in hopes for a better future. During a divorce, individuals can formally end the partnership and close out the shared business of the marriage. A divorce can help individuals settle many marital matters, but it still can't quite solve every problem associated with ending a marriage.

Fights over household workload can cause divorce

Many couples in Texas have disagreements over how to split the household chores. Even if they can agree on what the split should look like, each person may have a different idea as to what is clean or how to fold the laundry. While disputes over housework can actually get so heated that they lead to divorce, there are ways to handle such problems.

Divorcing while planning for financial future

When a person decides to end his or her marriage, dealing with the financial complications of a divorce can be among the most complex and contentious issues. Many El Paso couples of all income levels have established deeply intertwined financial lives and a shared vision of the future; choosing to separate those strands can lead to sharp disputes and give rise to serious concerns about the future. When considering divorce, taking action to protect one's financial health and well-being can be particularly important in preparing for a single future.


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