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Fights over household workload can cause divorce

Many couples in Texas have disagreements over how to split the household chores. Even if they can agree on what the split should look like, each person may have a different idea as to what is clean or how to fold the laundry. While disputes over housework can actually get so heated that they lead to divorce, there are ways to handle such problems.

For instance, couples can benefit from learning how to communicate with each other. Ideally, chores will be split equally to prevent one person from getting frustrated with their role in the relationship. If a couple has children, they could also be asked to pitch in around the house. Those who can afford to outsource household tasks should consider doing so to reduce their stress. A study done in 2008 discovered that something called "time affluence" can improve a person's life.

This means that a person has time to spend with their partner or otherwise focusing on activities that they enjoy. Spending anywhere from $100 to $200 a month on having groceries delivered or outsourcing other household tasks may be enough to increase time affluence. Doing so can reduce the chances that one person is trying to multitask while the other is on social media or otherwise oblivious to a partner's plight.

If a couple is divorcing, there are many possible ways to negotiate a settlement. For instance, it may be appropriate to resolve issues such as alimony or property division through mediation. If a couple has a prenuptial agreement, it will likely determine how property is divided and if either party is entitled to spousal support. Absent a prenuptial agreement, some or all issues related to a divorce could be settled in court by a judge's ruling.

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