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July 2018 Archives

Tips for effective co-parenting after divorce

Divorced parents in Texas should keep several guidelines in mind to make the co-parenting process smoother. The most important thing to remember is that everything should be done with the best interests of the child in mind. Parents need to recognize that even if they consider the other parent unpleasant or incompetent, that individual is still an important figure in the child's life. Only if abuse or other issues affect the child's safety should parents interfere with that relationship.

Unexpected financial issues for divorcing women

Women in Texas who are considering getting a divorce should be aware of how the process can impact them financially. Out of 1,785 divorced women who participated in a recently released survey, 46 percent stated that their divorce had resulted in unexpected and undesired financial issues.

Important ways to prepare when pursuing a divorce

When a Texas couple decides to end their marriage, they could enter a time-consuming legal process. A divorce involves three stages: It begins with filing paperwork, moves on to discovery that primarily requires a disclosure of financial records and then concludes with disposition. Disposition might result from the parties negotiating the terms of their split through mediation or collaborative divorce, but it could require a court trial, where a judge makes final decisions. Organization, goal setting and a realistic evaluation of finances and the needs of children will benefit people entering this process.

Why now may be the time to finalize a divorce

Upcoming changes to the tax treatment of spousal support may provide motivation for Texas residents to end their nuptials before the start of 2019. This is because alimony will no longer be considered income to the person receiving it and a tax deduction to the person providing it. While not having to pay taxes on alimony may seem like a positive, it could actually limit the amount of support offered.


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