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August 2018 Archives

Study looks at effect of deployments on military marriages

Some military families in El Paso may experience stress and even divorce as a result of deployments, but a study by researchers at the RAND Corporation found that the relationship between military deployments and marriages is a complex one. The study looked at 1,358 families to examine the connection between deployments and marital satisfaction.

Dealing with child support after divorce

Dealing with a divorce in El Paso can be time consuming and stressful. Divorce is never a simple experience, and when children are involved in the marital separation, emotions can be tricky to deal with. While the parents may have come to terms with the separation prior to it happening, many children struggle with understanding why their family dynamics are changing. This can add an element of frustration, anxiety and sadness to any divorce.

About child support cases

Child support payments can be a confusing topic for many parents in Texas because of the different categories of child support cases. However, the different child support cases aid the government in maintaining track of children and families who need the additional financial assistance. All parents who receive or pay child support should be aware of what type of child support case they have.

Dividing properly efficiently when divorcing past age 50

Couples who choose to get divorced when they are older may have a retirement account such as 401k or an IRA to divide in the process. However, even if a Texas couple splits amicably, it is necessary to allocate the funds within the account properly. Otherwise, it could result in an unnecessary tax hit or otherwise jeopardize an individual's financial situation. If a 401k is being divided, it must be done under the terms of a qualified domestic relations order (QDRO).


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