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Making goals and raising children after a split

The new school year brings an opportunity for parents in Texas to set new goals and expectations with their children. For divorced parents, this might mean putting aside their differences and working together as much as possible to provide support and stability for their children.

After a divorce, it is very important for parents to continue helping their children develop and grow in a stable manner. A new school year is the perfect opportunity for parents to sit with their children and discuss academic and personal goals for their year and agree to three main goals. If the parents cannot agree to sit together during this process, they should encourage their children to discuss the goals with both parents separately. This way, there are fewer misunderstandings, and the children will know that both parents are in agreement about their growth.

The beginning of school is also a chance to help the children develop a positive financial attitude since this also includes many expenses that might not have been included in the divorce settlement. With older children, this provides an opportunity to teach them how to save and spend money. With an ex-spouse, it might mean negotiating how the costs of the expenses will be split between the two. Some parents split all extra expenses 50-50 while some divide expenses according to their incomes.

To avoid some of these financial questions, residents who are going through the divorce process might choose to establish the division of these expenses during the divorce negotiations. They might consult a lawyer with family law experience to guide them through the negotiations and to represent them in case they cannot negotiate and need to go to court.

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