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Steps for parents to help children during a divorce

A divorce can be hard on children in El Paso, but there are several things their parents can do to help them adjust. If children have fewer changes to deal with, they may be better able to focus on the big change. This means parents should try to disrupt children's lives as little as possible. It can help to make their household rules consistent. Parents should avoid criticizing each other's decisions even when they disagree. The parent can encourage the child to talk to the other parent about the decision if the child is upset about it.

Children usually have questions about the divorce. They often worry that it is their fault, and parents should reassure them that this is not the case. Parents should make an effort to answer children's questions about the divorce honestly without oversharing or making them feel they are in the middle. Children need reassurance that their parents love them.

When the divorce means parents and children are far apart, parents can connect with their children by planning shared experiences such as watching a sporting event or a movie at the same time. If a parent is absent altogether, this can be a challenge for the other parent, but it is still best to remain neutral about it in front of the children.

During the divorce process itself, parents might also be able to take steps to ease the transistion for their children. If they can negotiate a schedule for child custody and visitation, this might set a better foundation for co-parenting than going through a custody battle. Parents may want to keep the same principles in mind that the court does, which is making decisions based on the best interests of the children. Barring issues such as domestic abuse, courts usually work from the position that the child should have time with both parents.

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