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November 2018 Archives

How to parent after a divorce

Texas couples who are ending their marriages can't necessarily sever their relationship completely if they had kids together. Ideally, parents would be able to put their feelings aside and focus on raising their children the best that they can. In many cases, children fare better when they have quality relationships with both of their parents. In the event that parents are unable to communicate with each other, they can engage in what is often called parallel parenting.

Challenging circumstances in family court

When Texas parents decide to divorce, they may face particularly difficult issues with child support and custody. Both mothers and fathers often complain about the treatment they face in family court. This is especially true when the parents have a relationship fraught with poor communication, mistrust or anger. Fathers might feel like they are victims of gender bias while mothers may feel that their concerns are not taken seriously.

Prenuptial agreements

Many people in El Paso believe that prenuptial agreements are primarily for rich people who want to protect their wealth should their marriage end in divorce. The truth is that more people than ever are signing prenups for reasons other than to protect wealth.


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