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Prenuptial agreements

Many people in El Paso believe that prenuptial agreements are primarily for rich people who want to protect their wealth should their marriage end in divorce. The truth is that more people than ever are signing prenups for reasons other than to protect wealth.

Business owners may want to consider signing a prenup to protect their business interests. A business can be difficult to value in a divorce which could leave the spouse who owns the business feeling like they have gotten an unfair end of the deal. A prenup can provide assurance that the business will be left out of the divorce in the event a couple splits.

Prenuptial agreements can state what happens to frozen eggs, embryo and sperm in the event of a divorce. Couples can designate whether sperm or eggs are considered separate property and where they will go. Embryos present a more complicated situation, but a couple can sign a disposition agreement at the time they create the embryo.

A prenuptial agreement might be considered if the earning potential of one spouse may change during the marriage. A prenup can protect spouses who take a break during their marriage since they will not have the same earning potential if the marriage ends in divorce that they would have had.

An attorney with experience in family law may be able to help couples who are considering a prenup. Prenuptial agreements can save thousands of dollars in legal fees if a couple gets divorced because the agreement makes property division more simple.

Many people believe they can get a post-nuptial agreement if they are unsure about a prenup prior to marriage. The bad thing about this strategy is that the post-nuptial agreement will not cover the time period from the beginning of the marriage to the time of signing. An attorney may be able to explain all the advantages and disadvantages of signing a prenup.

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